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Is the dog going through the bin again?

Author: Pinnacle MarketingFrom: smanosDate: 2015-11-26

As any dog owner will know, leaving Fido at home while you are at work or at the shops can be a worrisome scenario. Dogs become a key part of the family, and it can be gut-wrenching being away from them.

It can be pretty uncomfortable for them, too! Especially if they get anxious, lonely or bored. While unwanted dog hair on (or even in) the bed or sofa can be frustrating, having a dog go through the bin can be a house-proud pet owners worst nightmare – not to mention if the chilli sauce from last night stains the carpet!

But imagine being able to check in when you are missing them and see what they are up to while you are out, or even perhaps get notified as soon as they disturb the bin lid.

Well you no longer have to just imagine it, thanks to beautifully designed and easy-to-install smanos smart home monitoring and alarm systems.

The smanos IP6 HD WiFi camera lets you see and hear what is going on and what Fido is doing via an easy to use smartphone app designed for Apple or Android devices. The built-in microphone and speaker ensure high-quality two-way audio communication, and the industrial-grade Sony image sensor renders sharp video footage night and day.

When coupled with a smanos intrusion system such as the W020, you can be alerted if intruders try to get in from outside, or when pets try to raid the bin!

Does your dog raid the bin? Or mess around while you are out? If so, why not share your funny videos featuring cute pets on our Facebook and Twitter page?

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