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Re-inventing home security

Author: Pinnacle MarketingFrom: smanosDate: 2015-11-16

Conversations surrounding home security tend to focus on keeping intruders out of a home or building. And while the impacts of burglary are obviously distressing, far greater security risks exist.

A survey by the UK Government agency responsible for managing floods has identified the average cost of a home flooding is £28,000, compared to £7,300 losses from fire damage and just over £1,000 for a burglary.

Part of the reason for this is that people are aware of detectors that can warn of an intruder, or the presence of smoke in the home, but very few realise that electronic flood detectors exist as well.

However, most smoke/fire/gas leak and water/flood detectors only report problems to the people who are at home. They do not let you know any emergencies when you are out. And that leaves your belongings and pets at risk every time you leave the house.

This is where smanos is different. We believe in keeping your home safe from any danger wherever you are.

We have developed a range of smoke alarms, gas leak detectors and flood detectors that work with our latest WiFi and GSM cellular alarms. So no matter where you are, your home can alert you if there is a problem. You can also make sure the problem is fixed and your pets and belongings are safe!

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