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Are your electronic devices safe at University?

Author: Pinnacle MarketingFrom: smanosDate: 2015-11-14

Does this sound familiar? You are living in shared accommodation at university and worried about your personal items got stolen when you are away from the dormitory? The first thing you do is to check the door lock. As the increase in digital devices and computer equipments, this is an important feature to look out for before signing any letting contract.  But we all know a lock is not a barrier to theft.

We regularly hear stories of food, CDs and money missing. While one of my college friends, the treasurer for the fencing club I attended, had a substantial amount of the club’s money in her room.  Before she could get to the bank to pay it in, the room was broken into and the money stolen. Then began the arduous task of reporting the incident to the police, dealing with insurance claims and covering the loss. This had a major impact on my friend and caused real disruptions to her studies.

Fortunately, today there are beautifully designed, cost-efficient, easy-to-install smanos Smart Home monitoring and alarm solutions available to protect your personal belongings. The alarms feature open/close door sensors or movement sensors that will send a push notification to multiple preauthorized smartphone users once an alarm is set-off.

The new smanos IP6 HD WiFi camera works in combination with the W020 WiFi alarm system and once an alarm is raised can be used to transmit and store footage of the intruder.

And this is how it works

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