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Unboxing the Fun!

Author: Pinnacle MarketingFrom: smanosDate: 2016-01-22

Who doesn’t love opening presents? The anticipation, the curiosity about what could be in the box so lovingly wrapped with paper and a bow. Just that moment before we unwrap is one of the best in the whole world.

Thanks to e-commerce advancements, consumers nowadays receive packages similar to gift boxes every time they order something online. Have you noticed that unboxing and product review videos are becoming a must before consumers make any significant purchasing decision? Especially for tech and gadgets lovers!

Those wanting to find out what is in a box featuring a smanos smart home security system don't have to wait for others to post unboxing videos!

The Open Box playlist on the smanos YouTube channel provides an overview of what you can expect from all your purchases. The videos showcase the sleek design and styling of all smanos products and highlight how form and function can be integrated to help you create the smart and secure home of your dreams, today.

For instance, the W020 WiFi alarm system with the IP6 HD camera (W020i) provides a quick overview of what’s in the box and how the system can be used.

We hope you enjoy watching! Let’s unwrap a smanos box and start building a wireless smart and secure home, with no installation nor monthly fees!

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