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X500 GSM/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm System

Simple & Secure

The X500 system controller comes in a chic form factor, with a touch keypad and LCD for easy, visible operation. With a regular SIM card with credit and upon intrusion detection, the X500 will send out alerts via SMS text messages and voice calls.

App Store&Google play

GSM alarm system
LED screen with touch keypad
SMS & APP control anytime anywhere

Beauty & Techie

The ceramic-like piano finish, unobtrusive touch keypad and crystal clear LCD make the entire system simplistic to look at and simple to operate on.

Tap & Go

The system can be quickly disarmed by a simple tap of all authorized RFID tags.

Say My Name

Every RFID tag and detection zone can be renamed for easy identification of whom and where in the event of a triggered alarm.

Phone in Disguise

With a SIM card, the X500 also works as a regular phone. Simply dial on the keypad and talk! A speed-dial number can be saved for emergency situations.

Remote Wonders

After a regular SIM card with credit is inserted into the X500, the system becomes remote controllable by either simple SMS text messages or smartphone app commands. The app is available on both App Store and Google Play.


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