WiFi & LTE Smart Home Alarm System
This smart home alarm kit comes with pre-paired accessories for your quick and easy use. Through our free mobile app, smanos One, you can have the system up and running within 20 minutes, and then control and manage your home security anywhere, anytime.

With WiFi & 4G LTE dual protection, the W600 is an ideal system for home security. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, fire or fluid overflow, it sounds a loud siren on site to deter would-be intruders and sends app push and email notifications to up to 10 pre-authorised users. When a regular-sized, compatible 4G/3G SIM card is inserted, and your home WiFi network happens to be down, the smart hub also has a cellular connection* as back-up to send you app push and email notifications as well as SMS text messages and phone calls.

*In the case of a power outage and the cellular network in your neighbourhood is still working, the W600 will continue to protect your property and family for 4-5 hours on standby.

Multiple Notification Types

When doors/windows are opened or when motion is detected, the W600 smart hub sounds a loud siren on site to deter would-be intruders and sends multiple notifications: app push messages, emails, SMS text messages and phone calls (working SIM card required but not included). You or up to 10 pre-authorised family members or neighbours can then take appropriate action.

Sharing Devices with Friends and Family

Everyone in the family can have their own account for free. The person who sets up the W600 is the Main Administrator, who can then share device access with family or friend accounts with two levels of access rights - Admin or User. Admin will have full access rights, except for re-sharing the device, while User will only receive alerts and edit their own account information.

Quick Arming/Disarming via RFID Tags

This system supports up to 50 RFID tags. It is ideal for the young, elderly or housekeepers in your family to quickly arm and disarm the system by any pre-authorised RFID tag. Whenever the system is armed or disarmed by an RFID tag, you and your family will get a notification of whom just did that. If they lost it by accident, you can easily remove the lost tag from the app and issue a new one.

Doubles as A House Phone

With a working 4G/3G SIM card, the W600 can also act as a house phone, enabling you to make phone calls or one speed dial number directly on the hub.

All-Around Security

The W600 works with a wide range of wireless, battery-powered smanos sensors and accessories that are easy to install and use, so you can scale up the system based on your specific security needs. Do note that smanos K1/K2 sensors will work exclusively with the intended systems, and not the W600.

More Features

Voice Control by Google® Assistant
and Amazon® Alexa

Bridges With Nest® Thermostats

If you have a Nest® thermostat at home, you can log into your Nest® account on the “smanos One” app, and then you can set mode (heating or cooling), adjust room temperatures, turn on/off your HVAC and tweak other settings on your “smanos One” app anywhere, anytime.


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