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S105 On-Site Alarm System

S105On-Site Alarm System

Double Agent

When connected to a smanos alarm system controller and an incident occurs, the SS1005 siren will go off with the strobe light flashing. For smaller premises, the unit can work as an on-site controller with other accessories, such as remote controls, door/window contact sensors and PIR detectors, on the same radio frequency. Two for one, not a bad deal.

Elegant & Refreshing

The piano finish and streamlined design make the SS1005 an art of its own.

Force Amplifier

When the SS1005 goes off, it goes off loud and flashy (blue light).

Night Beacon

The SS1005 beacons a sense of serenity and security (in a non-intrusive blue hue), when functioning as an idle system controller. When connected to another system controller as a siren, it stays unobtrusive and behind the scene if not triggered.

Night Beacon

Plug & Play

Plug the SS1005 into an AC power socket, and it works. No wires, no fuss.


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