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[Media] Dream Big, Live Smart With smanos

Author: a&s SMAhomeFrom: a&s SMAhomeDate: 2014-07-08

What Makes smanos Tick

What sets smanos apart from the competition is the total package. Traditional alarm systems are associated with tedious wired installation and hefty monthly fees and false alarm fines. smanos puts the smarts of smart home and smart security back in users’ hands and enables them to regain control and privacy from guards and monitoring stations.

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The complete smanos smart home portfolio speaks self-install or DIY. “From wireless, app-enabled alarm systems to remote security, energy and health management, our solutions cater to today’s homeowners’ mobile lifestyles, and ensure they have complete control, comfort and visual confirmation right at their fingertips within a few short minutes and easy steps,” Borghardt said. “We go to great lengths to seamlessly blend security, monitoring and automation capabilities into end users’ everyday appliances so that they can focus more on other more precious things or significant others in life, while smanos stands on guard for them 24/7 in the backdrop.”

To deliver what the market needs, what the average homeowner really demands, smanos works with multiple development teams in Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley, in addition to Chuango resources, to make sure the latest hardware/software designs and reliable wireless transmission technologies are embodied in all the solutions, “to make the lives of our channel customers and their end customers easy, secured and environmentally friendly,” Hsu explained. User experience and quality assurance are also tried and tested across continents so that most household and daily operation requirements are met with flying colors. “It goes way beyond designing cool-looking GUIs. It’s about truly understanding people’s lives and empowering them to safeguard and automate their properties with ease.” For example, the IR cut filter and pan/tilt stepping motor of the latest smanos home IP camera under development have gone through strenuous tests to ensure a minimum non-stop operation time of five years. “‘Set it and forget it’ is one of the benchmarks that we measure ourselves against,” Hsu identified.

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In sales and marketing, the smart, sleek-looking and simple-to-use smanos systems sell themselves. “Our dedicated team is with our channel and retail partners every step of the way and throughout the product lifecycle, to ensure ease, flexibility and intelligence can be palpated and realized in hardware/software engineering, sales and marketing, and distribution and installation,” Borghardt explained. “We also have a local European team ready to serve and listen to what’s demanded in the region, to adapt quickly and accordingly.” A similar setup will be established in the U.S. in the second half of 2014, to better address needs arising from the Americas market, Hsu added.

Compared to any other traditional, wired system that requires professional installation and monthly monitoring fees, the ROI of any smanos system for end customers is crystal clear – in just three to six months’ time. “We have joint marketing programs and budgets in place to help our distributors and retailers get noticed in various physical and digital media, and help engage end customers through special in-store or seasonal events and online/social media interactions,” Hsu detailed. Dedicated and experienced channel marketing personnel are in place as well to provide necessary ammunitions to make a splash where- and whenever needed. “All these investments result in added benefits, ensuring fast and open feedback for product optimization and solution development.”

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